Shao Ma Discusses Chinese Ufology & Contact Modalities – Grant Cameron

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Chinese Ufologist Shao Ma discusses UFO and similar phenomena as perceived in the Chinese culture and in the lands associated with Chinese culture, such as China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Source: Grant Cameron Whitehouse UFO

Editor Comment:

I agree with Shao Ma’s comments about how Taiwanese people are much more open to UFOs and related topics. I just came back from living in Taiwan for 6 years. I spoke with many people about this, and many times the folks I spoke with didn’t even blink an eye when UFOs or other “off-center” topics were mentioned. I remember one time I took a taxi in Taiwan, and almost immediately the driver started telling me about UFOs and other related topics. I think this openness can be attributed to Taiwan’s history of repeated exposure to foreign cultures.

Yes, the Taiwanese are very open minded. And for this reason I think mainland Chinese folks look up to Taiwan for insight and ideas on how to expand their consciousness. I know mainlanders already covet Taiwan’s sense of freedom and open lifestyle.

For this reason, I really think it’s important that the US and other western countries seek to protect Taiwan, and to avoid what has already happened to Hong Kong, where so many people there have been shipped off in buses by Chinese police. Never to be seen again.


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