TR-3 “Astra” Anti-Gravity Spacecraft Apparently Made by Lockheed

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Nick Cook is an Aviation Editor for Jane’s Defence Weekly, a UK-based publication considered to be the bible of defense technology disclosure.

The pictured page is early formal documentation of the TR-3 (commonly known as the TR-3B) “Astra” anti-gravity spacecraft in Nick Cook’s 2001 book “The Hunt for Zero Point”.

Courtesy “The Hunt for Zero Point” by Nick Cook

Although this is not news to everyone, this mention lends strong documented evidence as to the origins of the TR-3. So, if this is the same TR-3 anti-grav craft (come on, who else out there is making these craft by the same name?), then this lends credence to the argument that Lockheed’s secret “Skunk Works” division produced the TR-3 Astra.

The reason why I call it a “TR-3” and not “TR-3B” like almost everyone else is because the “B” suffix denotes the specific version of this craft. From my research there seem to be “G” and “H” versions out there also. Thus TR-3G and TR-3H. This same letter versioning system is used by aircraft manufacturers across the world whenever they upgrade or repurpose the general design. What few people know is that there are also larger craft in the “TR” series out there, notably the TR-4 “Dart” and “TR-6 Telos”. These were disclosed by super soldier Johan Fritz.

– John Helios
Founder & Chief Editor
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