When the Pentagon Tells You “The Truth is Out There”, UFO Psyops & the Unexplained – Abby Martin

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When the Pentagon Tells You “The Truth is Out There”, UFO Psyops & the Unexplained Pt 1 of 2

PNAC Foo-Fighters, Hypersonic Arms Race, Alien Folklore Mental Terror Pt 2 of 2 [ Preview ]

Part 1: Robbie and Abby Martin examine why the Pentagon and Mainstream Media (CNN, 60 minutes, NYTimes) are taking the phenomenon of UFO sightings and theories into the realm of ‘acceptable’ dialog among the American public. While there is most definitely a psychological warfare component of this new wave of UFO media coverage, one cannot completely write-off the multitude of believable UFO sightings and abduction stories. The only difference now is that the US military is allowing officials to openly speak about their own sightings to the media and encouraging pilots and soldiers to report their encounters. The episode starts with a full chronological breakdown of how this new wave of media coverage materialized.

Part 2: Robbie and Abby break down many different angles of what could actually be happening with all the MSM UFO coverage, both with potential technologies UFOs utilize to the specific goals of what could be a form of psychological warfare. Finally they delve into how the Project for the New American Century Bush-era neocons actually asked for a ‘US Space Force’ in the same 2000 document (Rebuilding America’s Defenses) where they also asked for a ‘New Pearl Harbor’.

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