Affordable Alternative to Med Bed Technology Available Now!

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Med beds, healing beds, healing pods, light beds, holographic medical pods – these are all names for the the same thing. Introduced into the mainstream consciousness through the movie “Elysium” (see the link below), med beds are the most asked about technology among all of the content shared on the Star Nations News℠ website.

By doing a search for “med bed” on Star Nations News℠, you will find information about this much sought-after technology. And rightly so, as there many people out there who could use some fast and effective healing.

Government officials, military soldiers, and medical technology insiders all speak of it. But despite their testimony confirming its existence, med beds have yet to be shared with the general public. But…

In this video conversation, healer Harry Kronen explains there is a viable and really cheap form of readily available healing technology available to the public – RIGHT NOW!

Star Nations News℠ Chief Editor John Helios can attest to its efficacy (it helps) through his own experience in relieving his bouts of high blood pressure and other health ailments. While it has taken John several sessions of treatment available online (see the link below) and by directly booking sessions with Harry Kronen, John enjoys a greatly enhanced lifestyle of measurably better health.

Click the link below to purchase an immediately playable online session that guides you through the steps needed to access healing therapy available to you now.

Healing Chamber in a Spaceship:

Note: For those people who are curious as to the title of this video, listen to the free video conversation here between Harry and John for:

  • introduction to the Quantum Healing (as originally taught by Dolores Cannon) that for decades has cured and helped tens of thousands of people across the world
  • discussion of who this healing can help
  • background to the linked online course

Again, John can attest to the course’s effectiveness, and would not otherwise be referring this available tech to you unless he himself had experienced it himself. In simple words; “It works for me.”

Try the easily affordable linked healing session (currently $22). You can run it as many times as you want to! And if you wish to dive further, book a session with Harry Kroner for further assistance.

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UPDATE: Star Nations News℠ Chief Editor John Helios recently got a message from a reader on Facebook, who asked if this was “real”. In response, John wrote:

“I lost part of my vision in both eyes. This started mid-year last year. The doctor said it would only get worse as I got older. I also lost all the feeling in both my feet. The doctor said I would never regain feeling again.

“In the last 3 months I have begun a regimen of exercise every day, eating a mostly plant-based diet, and using the online session starting about 6 weeks ago AS WELL AS seeing Harry Kroner (the creator of the above-linked online session) both online and in-person.

“In the last several weeks, my vision is getting better and I am starting to feel pain in my feet sometimes (which is better than feeling nothing at all). I know I have angels/guides. So, just like in the online session, every night I ask my guides to take me up above onto the space ships I have seen orbiting earth in my meditations. I know they are there. (There are thousands of them up there existing in an as-yet mostly non-visible energetic form. When I saw them, I was told they were ‘hospital ships’. There are many other people who have seen them also, in dream and meditation.)

“Every day, my condition slowly gets better due to all this effort. So, yes. I would say it works. But as you know, it is a multi-sided effort that is working. There is no ‘one pill’ or ‘one solution fixes all’. What’s working is everything I am doing. It’s a multi-sided approach. And it’s working for me.

“What’s part of the problem is that people have been conditioned to think there should only be ONE SOLUTION. As discussed in the interview video, people have to take a HUGE mental leap in believing in the QUANTUM nature of this healing. But people are disposed to pass this off as science fiction or fantasy.

Once you understand that QUANTUM healing is not just a fancy word, but provides scientifically measurable benefits, then how much such evidence do you need to start believing that it actually works?

As discussed in the interview video, QUANTUM implies an interconnection among MANY factors. This is why I am using several things to help heal myself. The inter-connectivity of QUANTUM.

BUT… I do notice the healing is going much faster since using the linked online session.”

** Disclaimer: Star Nations News℠, John Helios, and Harry Kroner are not medical therapy consultants. Please consult with your authorized medical therapist for what medicine and healing treatments are best for you. Results vary from person to person.



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