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Super Soldier Johan Fritz – Secret Space Program (SSP) & Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC)

Xan John interviews Johan Fritz, Secret Space Program (SSP) and Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) Super Soldier.

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Laura Eisenhower: Guest Tony Rodrigues Secret Space Program (SSP) Super Soldier Served a “20 and Back” Military Tour for ICC

Dark to Light Episode #002 - With Guest Tony Rodrigues #secretspaceprogram#ssp #whistleblower

Laura Eisenhower: Guest Tony Rodrigues former Secret Space Program (SSP) super soldier served a “20 and Back” Military Tour, including work on the Mars colonies while working for various factions of the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC).

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Mapping the Secret Space Program (SSP) – Penny Bradley

Mapping the Secret Space Program covers an overview of the entire topic, who does what, where and with whom and also who doesn’t like who else. It covers Earth level spy agencies, militaries, corporations and conglomerates as well as the shifting ET alliances each is known to have.

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Four Super Soldiers Share Recollections of Secret Space Program (SSP)

“As consciousness awakens going forward the level of connection to greater truths will come through. Use intuition your God given talents and stop making things that don’t fit in the small minded 3D reality part of your consciousness. Break free from the mind control and more amazing things will be revealed in your own existence.”

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Update on Secret Space Program TR-x “Black Triangle” Anti-Gravity Spacecraft (12-3-2020)

The TR-3 Astra is a single model in a series of spacecraft of the “TR” designation. Other newly-disclosed models include the “TR-4 Dart” and “TR-6 Telos”, both of which use photo-chemical cloaking technology.

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