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More and more news will be delivered via drastically non-traditional channels. At the time of this update (mid-year 2020), consider the features of the new 6G telecommunication parameters cited in this article:

  • Holographic type communications
  • Tactile internet for remote operations
  • Intelligent operation network
  • Network and computing convergence
  • Space-terrestrial integrated network

These new communication paradigms hint at — or already approach — quantum-based information interactions of a kind that humankind has never seen before. So, at the core of some Star Nations News℠ items will be quantum-based news delivery technologies.

But what is “quantum”?

As of May 2020, our beloved online dictionary does no justice in clearly defining the word “quantum” in Earth layman’s terms. For the sake of simplicity, let us say that quantum involves:

  • Quantum Interconnection The more mainstream term is “quantum entanglement”. Basically, this “entanglement” means that things literally everything is interconnected in inconceivable ways. Ideas, economics, politics, thoughts, feelings, humanity… You name it: Everything is linked via a quantum interconnection. In the near future, news items will cast quantum concepts in an extremely high-tech light.
  • Non-Linear Time & Space We are accustomed to receiving things in a timely and logically progressive fashion. Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It follows a timeline. But what if we were to say that the information shared on this news portal would sometimes be presented in a piecemeal and non-linear fashion? Outside of time? Not bound by time? Well, that’s partly what quantum means! The same applies to space, where the quantum interconnection may allow some technologies to be free of the separation of space.

How does quantum affect the news reported here at Star Nations News℠? This will be a strong differentiating factor in how Star Nations News℠ reports news and information, including telepathically delivered news sources which are included in the quantum realm. While this may seem implausible for some, it is assured that this is happening.

Be forewarned: Depending on how the earth-raised humans reading these words were raised, such news may be at the least questionable. We recommend you suspend your judgment and observe an Earth emerging into the new quantum information realm – this realm covers literally everything!

But as time goes on, more and more people will awaken to the quantum nature of reality. People will see that “left-field” information and news sources are not so far-fetched. And people are already ready to receive information from these non-conventional sources.

The people of all star nations are for whom Star Nations News℠ is dedicated. Thank you for landing here and having a look!

— John Helios, Editor – Star Nations News℠

(This information was originally reported on Star Nations News℠ About page.)

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