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Why Star Nations News℠?

Expanded News & Info

As time goes on more and more people see that conventional information outlets such as mainstream news and traditional education are proving to be unreliable, limited in disclosure, or even intentionally misleading. Star Nations News℠ shares news and information vital to an expanded understanding of the universe we live in. In this sense, “expanded” means that the information shared here may include content derived from sources outside of traditional news outlets.

Star Nations News℠ shares and reports mostly news and information from (mostly non-mainstream) external sources. Selection of this information comes primarily from two perspectives:

  1. Coverage of things having to do with the negative influences, including the continuing deep state and cabal takedown, military industrial complex, the Illuminati, Mainstream Media, and the Fake News.
  2. Coverage of the mostly really positive factors, including the Global Currency Reset (GCR), global gold-backed currency, NESARA, GESARA, disclosure of suppressed information, human-ET contact, space news, cool tech, and other less-reported topics.

While most categories go a listing of articles that go to external sources, the Star Nations News™ In-House Reports & Editorial link goes to items authored by Star Nations News℠ in-house staff.

Our Audience

The content here intends to share news to an Earth-human audience about the many issues on the planet. But… The name “Star Nations” implies this platform also intends to report on issues taking place below-surface, off-planet, and even interdimensionally — thus “Star Nations”. Star Nations News℠ welcomes any readers from anywhere who wish tune-in on this platform’s reports.

About Journalistic Integrity & The New Quantum News Sources

For those who have been following journalism in recent decades, the trade has taken a severe beating. “Traditional” or “evidence-based” journalism has essentially been thrown away and replaced by sensational and heavily biased “reporting” – mostly by parroting agenda-based rhetoric provided by the few large media corporations that own nearly all of the world’s mainstream media outlets.

Please keep in mind that many people (perhaps including you?) have been trained to accept the news propagated by the mainstream media as incontestable truth. While some news is indeed truthful, as time goes on it becomes more clear that for certain topics there is an intentional muddying of the waters: There has been truth mixed with untruth, omission of telling the truth, outright lies, and “manufacturing of truth”.

While Star Nations News℠ strives to share truth, remember that much of the content shared here covers little known, ridiculed, or outright suppressed knowledge. As a consequence of this, many times “conventional”, “traditional”, or “industry-standard” supportive content is difficult or impossible to find. In these cases, please keep in mind that in lieu of traditional journalistic and/or scientific validation and cross-checking, information must come from non-traditional sources that have to suffice as the only source of information:

About the New Quantum Paradigm & The News

More and more news will be delivered via drastically non-traditional channels. At the time of this page’s update (year 2020), consider the features of the new 6G telecommunication parameters cited in this article:

These new communication paradigms hint at — or already approach — quantum-based information interactions of a kind that humankind has never seen before. So, at the core of some Star Nations News℠ items will be quantum-based news delivery technologies.

But what is “quantum”?

As of May 2020, our beloved online dictionary does no justice in clearly defining the word “quantum” in Earth layman’s terms. For the sake of simplicity, let us say that quantum involves:

How does quantum affect the news reported here? This will be a strong differentiating factor in how Star Nations News℠ reports news and information, including telepathically delivered news sources which are included in the quantum realm. While this may seem implausible for some, it is assured that this is happening.

Be forewarned: Depending on how the earth-raised humans reading these words were raised, such news may be at the least questionable. We recommend you suspend your judgment and observe an Earth emerging into the new quantum information realm – this realm covers literally everything!

But as time goes on, more and more people will awaken to the quantum nature of reality. People will see that “left-field” information and news sources are not so far-fetched. And people are already ready to receive information from these non-conventional sources. The people of all star nations are for whom Star Nations News℠ is dedicated. Thank you for landing here and having a look!

— John Helios, Editor – Star Nations News℠

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