Alurean & Serpoian (Gray) ET’s Showing Themselves Again (1-29-2017)

Alurean & Serpoian (Gray) ET's Showing Themselves Again (1-29-2017)
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See the original article here: Alurean & Serpoian (Gray) ET’s Showing Themselves Again (1-29-2017)

Well, here’s the Alurean and a few Serpoian with them, showing themselves off again. They brought a large ship to the U.S. / Mexican border, hid themselves in a cloud they made, and started indescritely showing themselves. Why the U.S. / Mexican border? Traffic is less than slow and people would be watching them, especially the officials there. Then there’s the Alurean Sphere Probe flying around in front of a Brazilian media news team, right above a highway street sign.

Jay Essex

Jay Essex uses the spelling “Alurean”, while this website uses the spelling “Alorian”. These are the same ET folks.

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