Ancient Anunnaki Spaceship Around Saturn – Ringmakers of Saturn

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Click the original article link here >>> Ancient Anunnaki Spaceship Around Saturn, Its’ an Ark in Space, Iapetus, Ringmakers of Saturn

How’s that for a headline? Iapetus, the Original Death Star, we look at several images and comparison photos to the Death Star of Empire Strikes Back. The numerous hexagons, boxes, rectangles, straight lines and layers of what appears to be massive panels that built the structure. We also look at the Mythology of the Ancient Goddesses, Gods, Titans and Battles in the Heavens, the Family Tree of the Heavenly Bodies That Influenced Mankind! Is Mythology another form of Science, Absolutely, You Just need the Root of the Words, Nouns and Verb-age.

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SNN Editor: The book he holds up named “Ringmakers of Saturn” was written by a fascinating scientist named Norman Bergrun, whose interview you may see here: Norman Bergrun: The Ringmakers of Saturn – (Video)

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