Anti-Gravity & Advanced EM Technologies to Be Released Within Two Years

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Click the original article link here >>> Corey Goode As You Wish Talk Radio – Sounds Goode

“Very helpful interview with Corey Goode on a range of topics. Around 25min mark he discusses sources saying that in 2 years Space Force will release antigravity & advanced EM (electromagnetic) technologies based on the electro-plasma model of universe. That will help take us out of the fossil fuel age into the EM age.”

Michael Salla

Source: ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel

Editor Notes:

  • The beginning part of this interview deals mostly with review of the 2020 election fraud.
  • 24:30 starts to mention other news having to do with advanced tech. For example, gravity nullification.
  • 28:32 “counter-gravity” used for propulsion, probably another term for electrogravitic propulsion AKA differential charge electrogravitic propulsion.
  • 29:05 Tech that leverages space-time transdimensional travel.
  • 29:55 “Xerox room” tech that transports people to other realities.
  • 31:00 Faster-than-light (FTL) speed subspace travel whereby the traveler changes into a plasma state while traveling in the “cosmic web”.
  • 34:00 Magnetized light bodies versus physical manifestation
  • 35:25 Mention of med-bed tech

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