Are You Tired of Just a Bunch of Article Links?

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Dear Readers of Star Nations News℠,

Thanks for coming to Star Nations News℠ and for having a look!

As you can see by now, this is a website that links to content from mostly external news sources. However, please know that each article is chosen by Star Nations News℠ staff (one person, at the time of this writing) to appear here according to the mission stated on the About page. But…

If this kind of news is a little too typical for your taste buds, then have a look at the unique information featured via the Star Nations News™ Reports & Editorial link that can be found on the right-hand side of most of the site’s pages.

Some of it may prove to be interesting reading, and is written for the expanded Star Nation audience that includes not just Earth Humans and Earth’s other inhabitants.

Just FYI to spice up your reading…

– John Helios
Editor, Star Nations News℠

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