Bases 102: Secret Space Program Major Alert

Bases 102 Part 5 SSP Major Alert Famine Earth Axis Shift
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Secret Space Program (ssp) flight operator Julie Phelps returns after her emotional Bases2020 lecture last summer, to give extremely serious warnings about very serious times ahead, including a possible Earth rotation reversal, and 5D ascension. Governments now identified as the enemy of their people, and extremely serious food shortages. This is done is a calm and matter of fact manner and is the first section. Due to a hit and run incident with a close friend of hers, the 2nd section will be a few days later. We are in a state of war. It is expected that the vast […]

Miles’s Bases Project

SSN Editor: There are aspects of this discussion (such as famine) that are fear-based and negative. I suggest you don’t focus on these aspects, especially considering the speaker has participated in a forced SSP where they were controlled by threat, tghus the fear-based point of view. How the future will roll out will depend almost entirely on the point of view (POV) of the experiencer. If that experiencer has been brought up in a negative environment, then of course they will share their experience from a more negative POV. From this Editor’s POV, there are much more positive factors coming out in the world changes. For example, the upcoming 5D transition is going to be a possibly challenging, but eventually extremely positive evolutionary change.

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