Carl Gustav Jung – Father of the “Soft Side “​ of Human Psychology

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Carl Gustav Jung, the father of modern intuitive psychology and contemporary of Freud, provided a counterpoint to Freud’s unwavering (and in my opinion, very limited) interpretations of the human psyche. Within the private chambers of his home, Jung painted portraits of his ancestors as they appeared to him in vision, and honored both the Divine Feminine and Masculine (animus and anima) parts of the inner human realms. He wrote many technical books about his form of psychology, but the easiest and most “plain-language” of them was his book “Memories, Dreams, Reflections”.

He lived during the old paradigm, so he was not without scandal or questionable action. At some point, he ended up having an affair with one of the patients he had consulted and helped to heal, and the scandal greatly strained his career, not to mention his relationship with his wife. However, over time all three parties were able to reconcile what had happened. And all three of them ended up somehow getting along amicably, no doubt albeit tenuously at times.

Overall Jung was a really beautiful man, and a contributor to the “soft side” of modern psychology.

As an aside, I kind of wonder sometimes whether Jung’s threesome relationship was the basis of or had some parallel to The End of the Affair, a movie with a comparably similar outcome of peace between two men (the husband and the lover) who loved the same woman, both of whom put aside their differences and dedicated their efforts to making her happy in her final days on earth.

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