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FCC Warns Amateur Radio Operators “Not To Commit Criminals Acts” Ahead Of Inauguration

As tech giants shift into censorship overdrive – between Parler’s deplatforming, Twitter purges, and Facebook seemingly cracking down on just about any political discussion ahead of the inauguration – and Sunday’s imagery of anti-government anarchists who showed up to several US capitols on Sunday, those who wish to coordinate peaceful protests (and perhaps not-so peaceful protests) may try to use less-monitored methods to coordinate efforts.

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Intergalactic News: Congratulations Sent To Earth from Other Star Nations & Other News

While many enlightened light warriors and way-showers are fully aware that Gaia and her many inhabitants are undergoing an evolution not seen before elsewhere in the universe, relatively few know that that the other Star Nations are likewise going through their own form of evolution along with Gaia.

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US Election, General Flynn, 5G & Wellness

Steve was a head engineer at Texas Instruments for over 20 years and lead a team of 140 engineers that developed their patents for 2G and 3G. In 2006 Steve and his partner were the first people in the World to add good frequencies to a Holographic disc that had a positive biological effect on the human body.

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Physicists Devise a Brilliant Way to Make And Observe Elusive Electron Crystals

The reason why they’re disclosing this is so that people will know one way of creating a sustainable containment field for quantum computing “qbits” – which are currently nearly impossible to keep without disintegrating within seconds. By constructing a containment field made of – next to nothing – then quantum computing may proceed literally at the speed of light – thus pushing current conventional computing off the charts. They will likely use this for the upcoming zero-delay 6G communication, and quantum internet.

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SpaceX’s Starlink: The Future of Satellite Internet or a Pipe Dream?

ook up into the sky one night and you might spot one of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites sailing overhead. Relatively small in size (they weigh about 227 kg each and are about the size of a table), there are more than 700 of them orbiting the Earth so far, and the company hopes to launch as many as 30,000 more.

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