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William Tompkins: Look Up And Be Amazed! – Jeff Rense

Clip from August 29, 2016 – guest William Tompkins on the Jeff Rense Program.

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How the Controllers Infiltrated the New Age Movement & Other Spiritual Paradigms

Whenever any popular movement emerges, the controllers will try to infiltrate it and steer it in a way that benefits them.

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“Official” Narrative Film on the US Navy’s Secret trip to Antarctica (Operation Highjump)

Editor’s Note: This is the “official” film discourse on the US Navy’s and Admiral Byrd’s trip (Operation Highjump) to Antarctica. Do a search on Operation Highjump on this website to learn about the real reasons for it, and what actually happened.

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Pentagon UFO Disclosure & 2013 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

In special reports, this week’s files cover: President Thomas Jefferson and UFOs, ISS Views of Space Ships, UAP Expeditions, Water Planets Are Common, Rover Lands on Mars in fake sky Color on March 1, 2021,, China’s Giant Ionosphere-Zapping Radar Is a Defense System, Genocide in China.

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The Coming Consciousness Shift Has Many Incarnating From Other Star Systems – Michael Jaco

Sherri: “My mission is to assist in the elevation of the planet by empowering one person at a time to tap into their true potential, by discovering their innate ability to heal their mind body and soul. I work to coach individuals to embrace and love themselves, leading to transformational freedom.”

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