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Giant futuristic ‘Tesla Tower’ in Abandoned Woods Near Moscow

Bloggers flock to see this technical marvel, which has been dubbed the “High Voltage Marx and Tesla Generators Research Facility.”

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1,000-Foot Multi-Rotor Floating Wind Catchers to Power 80,000 Homes Each

Norway’s Wind Catching Systems (WCS) has made a spectacular debut with a colossal floating wind turbine array it says can generate five times the annual energy of the world’s biggest single turbines – while reducing costs enough to be immediately competitive with grid prices.

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Startup Claims Its Electric Motorcycle Will Have a 300-Mile Range

Colorado-based startup Zaiser Motors unveiled “the first twin-hub electric motorcycle,” which it says is capable of a massive 300 miles (483 km) per charge. The Zaiser Electrocycle also offers two-wheel drive, removable batteries, and a top speed of 120 mph (200 km/h), a report by New Atlas explains.

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