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World Future Predictions 1/17/2021 – Michelle Fielding

Michelle provides uplifting encouragement of how the world will be in the future.

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Aptera Is Back With a New EV It Says Doesn’t Need Charging

Aptera, the company that shuttered in 2011 after failing to secure funding for its three-wheeled electric car, is back with a new solar electric vehicle it claims never needs charging, at least, for most drivers. And it predicts its top model, with a battery of 100 kWh, can get up to 1,000 miles of range.

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Could Graphene Be the Key to Limitless Clean Energy?

Science labs across the globe are on a constant mission to discover new ways of creating energy. As new materials and processes are discovered, old theories are tested and often proven incomplete or faulty. But the latest discovery involving graphene is actually a combination of historical science and new theory.

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Introduction to the Secret Space Program (SSP)

In this video James Rink and Johan Fritz will guide the listeners into a introduction of the history of the secret space program. James Rink and Johan Fritz are both veterans of the SSP and in a power point presentation will be guiding you how these programs began and who the key players are today. Courtesy of Star Nations News℠, you may also download a free PDF of the slideshow featured in the linked video.

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Extremely Positive World Predictions for 2021 & Beyond

Michelle provides uplifting encouragement of how the world will be in the future. See the video notes provided, typed up courtesy of Star Nations News℠.

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Amazingly Sustainable Home Built with 100% Natural Materials

The Eagleyew house is a beautifully sculpted custom green home built with nearly 100% natural materials! The light clay walls are made with a mixture of clay and straw, and the timber frame structure is built using wood from the property. There is a wraparound living roof, and the interior has earthen cob floors and natural plasters.

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