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System Converts Waste Heat Into Electricity

In a bid to achieve energy-efficient cool air supply, Professor Michael Leung Kwok-hi from the City University of Hong Kong is working on a novel technology that can convert waste heat from AC systems into electricity, according to a press release by the university.

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The Mystery Man Behind The US Navy’s Antigravity & Other Patents

In 2019 the US Navy is assignee on 5 revolutionary patents invented by Salvatore Cezar Pais. Stuff like a fusion reactor that produces 1000 gigawatts that’s a size basket ball. That’s enough to power almost 100 big cities and the other one is an antigravity craft that can fly equally in air, water and space with crew not experiencing inertia. THE U.S NAVY CLAIMS PAIS’ PATENTS ARE ENABLED AND OPERABLE!!!

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Jared Rand on Off-Planet Technologies

The 2nd Session of the 74th Meeting started with returning speaker being introduced to take the stand. Jared Rand – continued by adding more technological advancements to the Celestial Chamber. The body will become immortal – eliminating all diseases – immune system is accelerated to an extent the body heals by itself – it had been genetically modified by off worlds.

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