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COVID & Vaccines, Lives in Lemuria & a Native American Tribe – QHHT Session by Laron

Last month I conducted a long QHHT (past life regression) session with a friend which I’ve transcribed below.

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Super Soldier Talk: Lincoln Clay, Shapeshifting, Hitler’s Clone – Adrian Espinoza

Today Adrian will be channeling Lincoln Clay to learn about Project Linear, Project Camelot, Sargent Crow A.K.A. Sheriff Robert Kelly, time portal technology, M.O.B. Shapeshifting Process, Project 13 Cube, A.I. memory cords, James Jackson, Adolf Hitler’s Clone, Project Abandonment, and much more.

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The Secret Underground Empire That No One Wants To Talk About

He characterized the Reptilians or Reptoids as scaled bipedal beings 6.5 to 7.5 tall, with lean muscular builds, 4-fingered hands, and almond-shaped eyes with slits. They may have evolved on Earth in a parallel evolution, he suggested, and their presence explains many of the myths of gods walking among humans.

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