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Climbing the Rainbow [UPDATE1]: Schroedinger’s Other Cat

Climbing the Rainbow [UPDATE1]

The CAT folks at this website provide a somewhat esoteric and spiritual viewpoint on what’s going on at Planet Earth, although it’s clear from some of their posts that among them they have some clearly scientific-minded folk, for example citing the Schumann Resonances as report from the Russian Schumann measurement site. They definitely qualify as a “Quantum” (intuition-based and heart-felt) and absolutely delightful news source!

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Report Injustice to Galactic Federation Security

Perhaps we can say this is a post for the more spiritually-minded audience… For those people who know they are here on this planet to serve truth and justice, know that if you witness something bad being done (crime against humanity, another person, your self, or something that’s just plain wrong), and whether you see this in any chosen realm

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The Alorian ETs

Like many of the ET folks they apparently are seen as energetic form. But if seen in a semi-physical form, the Alorians are short in stature. They’ve been around for a long time, but usually only appear during the “heightened” times of humanity. Heightened in the sense of elevated consciousness, as seen during the high times of the Lemurian and Atlantean empires.

From different sources, the information I got about them for now was that the Alorians endeavor in at least two projects…

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