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The Witnesses Got There First…(Military Rushed To Arrive At UFO Crash Site)

t seems that extraterrestrial beings from other worlds took great interest in military tests. This interest may have led to the crash and recovery of two strange crafts, in the area.

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Hillary-Brennan-Biden. Trump Wins, Extortion 17, 5-SCOTUS! NESARA-GESARA Confirmed!

Former U.S. Navy Decoder with highly valuable intel from the Deep-State agendas, elite bloodlines, Adrenochrome, satanic cults, and the D.U.M.B.S (Deep Underground Military Bases), to alien races, ancient civilizations buried underground, Antarctica, human harvesting, God, and The Great Awakening.

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Nacht Waffen, Dark Fleet Forces – The Super Soldiers, Spider Tanks, and Vril Pilots

Introduces the forces of the dark fleet Nacht Waffen in more detail and focuses on their soldier class and culture, their technology and choice of armor and mechs, the exponential growth of Japanese created androids in their ranks and their aerial warfare strategies and technology.

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Biden, Obama, Clinton Ordered the Murder of Seal Team 6 – Claim

Explosive intel released on the Obama administration which shows they colluded with Iran to murder american troops and protect Osama Bin Laden. CIA whistleblower Allen Harrow Parrot has handed over the explosive intel to American authorities which includes videos, recordings, documents signed by Brennan, and more to undeniably prove that TREASON has been committed by Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, and others within the Obama administration.

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