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They May Be Prepping Us for Social Media Blackout before Switching to the New Quantum Internet System (QIS)

Editor comment: If they openly publish something like this, this most likely means the queen’s passing-on has already happened. This may also be used as an excuse to shut down the global internet to switch over to the new Quantum Internet System (QIS).

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Our Crystal Body – Amazing Information (August 10, 2021)

What else does the Body of Light give us? It is a crystal-based vehicle for teleportation. And it is the possibility of longevity. It is through the crystal structure that the body receives the rarefied energy of immortality, changes our being, and forms a new Subtle physical body.

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The Three Waves of Volunteers & The New Earth – Dolores Cannon

The 2010 Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference once again presents Dolores Cannon, author, hypnotist and past life regression pioneer. Her work is based on 40 years of research into metaphysics and discoveries of the unknown using her unique QHHT method of hypnosis. In this video: Discover how it all began. The creation of our World and the development of our species. Understand your role on Earth. Are you one of the Volunteers that came to help Earth with her transition?

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