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The Coming Consciousness Shift Has Many Incarnating From Other Star Systems – Michael Jaco

Sherri: “My mission is to assist in the elevation of the planet by empowering one person at a time to tap into their true potential, by discovering their innate ability to heal their mind body and soul. I work to coach individuals to embrace and love themselves, leading to transformational freedom.”

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The Problem with “Quantum” & Quantum Healing

“Quantum” is not just some word. It implies a profound inter-connectivity of everything, whereby the impossible become possible. All you have to do is empower yourself, perhaps set an example for yourself in your life, and this will prompt and encourage other parts of you (that you may feel disconnected from), to be reconnected, and through this you can actually heal yourself.

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The Event Will Be Sudden and Unexpected – Nova Maxx

The event will be sudden and unexpected. At the time of the event, the Forces of Light from outer space and the Forces of Resistance Movement and positive Aghartians of the inner Earth will meet on the planetary surface. It will be COMPRESSION BREAK.

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