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Secret Space Program: Memories of Antarctica, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn Bases, Med Bed Tech – Michael Jaco

Ileana and Michael discuss many topics.

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Kosol Ouch Dark Fleet’s Commander Z – James Rink

In this video Kosol Ouch will share his experiences in Dark Fleet aboard the Excalibur 034-X1 Deep Space vessel as Commander Z 366-6. Here he networked in the Psionic Recon Combat Team to remote view intel to influence battle outcomes. Eventually his ship was captured at the battle of Adronis Prime and…

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Nacht Waffen Pilot Guest Steve Bassett – Penny Bradley

Steve Bassett joined my show and we talked about the Disclosure Movement and how politics injured it. We discussed a lot of things related to the movement–and his definition of it. Including Elon Musk, several of the First Official Contact groups, a lot of the history of the Disclosure Movement.

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Tic Tac UFO, Metamaterials for Star Gate Portals, Cold Fusion & More

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Commander Dave Fravor Chases Tic Tac UFO, Metamaterials for Star Gate Portals, Cold Fusion Issue, Who is Jack Sarfatti? Massive Solar Storm10,000 B.C., Space X’s Crew Dragon Plans to go to Mars, Sabotage in the US. Shadows, and Carbon 60.

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