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Secret Space Program: Memories of Antarctica, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn Bases, Med Bed Tech – Michael Jaco

Ileana and Michael discuss many topics.

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Nacht Waffen Pilot Guest Steve Bassett – Penny Bradley

Steve Bassett joined my show and we talked about the Disclosure Movement and how politics injured it. We discussed a lot of things related to the movement–and his definition of it. Including Elon Musk, several of the First Official Contact groups, a lot of the history of the Disclosure Movement.

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The Mystery Man Behind The US Navy’s Antigravity & Other Patents

In 2019 the US Navy is assignee on 5 revolutionary patents invented by Salvatore Cezar Pais. Stuff like a fusion reactor that produces 1000 gigawatts that’s a size basket ball. That’s enough to power almost 100 big cities and the other one is an antigravity craft that can fly equally in air, water and space with crew not experiencing inertia. THE U.S NAVY CLAIMS PAIS’ PATENTS ARE ENABLED AND OPERABLE!!!

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Space Force: Our Star Trek Future – Book 6 in Secret Space Program (SSP) Series – Michael Salla

Today, the emergence of Space Force, signing of the Artemis Accords, and creation of NATO’s Space Center promise to be the fulcrum for ushering in this Star Trek scenario. Such a future is not assured however due to the existence of uncooperative rival space programs of China and Russia. Could one or both launch a Space Pearl Harbor that could devastate the entire US GPS system, as predicted 20 years ago by a blue-ribbon Space Commission?

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