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Nazis in Space! The True Story

The Nazis put the first man-made object into space as early as 1942, fifteen years before Sputnik!

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Hillary-Brennan-Biden. Trump Wins, Extortion 17, 5-SCOTUS! NESARA-GESARA Confirmed!

Former U.S. Navy Decoder with highly valuable intel from the Deep-State agendas, elite bloodlines, Adrenochrome, satanic cults, and the D.U.M.B.S (Deep Underground Military Bases), to alien races, ancient civilizations buried underground, Antarctica, human harvesting, God, and The Great Awakening.

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A UFO Crash in Brazil, a Mysterious Letter, and Pieces of an Alien Spaceship

One very strange case of this supposedly played out in the country of Brazil, where a strange craft supposedly smashed down into the sea to leave wreckage behind, pieces of which have gone on to become some of the most extensively analyzed and most heatedly discussed alien evidence there is.

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Canada’s Former Minister of Defense Speaks of Face to Face Meetings with ET’s & Alien Treaties

SSN Editor: There may be aspects of this discussion that are fear-based and negative. I suggest you don’t focus on these aspects, especially considering the speaker may have participated in a forced situation where they were controlled by threat, thus the fear-based point of view.

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