Cosmic Emerald Earth Update 2020-07-20 – Yukia Azorah Sandara

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(This report comes from a Quantum News Source as defined in the Star Nations News℠ About page.)

Cosmic Emerald Earth ultra violet Fire Temple & Cosmic Eye Accelerator Arcturus Technology coming forth from Solar system – activated within the Earth Plane

Beloved Family,

This message come through a customized client energy signature that now needs to be shared with the Collective as we all part of One unified Field:

“This is an advanced accelerated activation so We are prepared to function better in alignment with the upcoming Earth changes unfolding.

These Codes, assist to create an enlarged breathing space within the cell’s and DNA structure evolving to enable biophotonic emissions to be received which are the very spectrum of light emitted naturally by all living things. These biophotonic emission’s can be assigned to a coherent field also within living organisms ; its functions being intra and intercellular regulation ( recalibrating the very fabric of the cell ‘ communication and an expansion in this network field. The human PHOTONIC BODY is a bio-hologram projected by coherent light and sound together with all elements.

The focus on these Light and sound codes and seeds of Ultra Light activations in the Angelic language of the Heart serve to help the firing up of multi- dimensional memory circuits to embody and expand pure qualities of unconditional love, wholeness, harmonization, beauty, and bliss in our daily life.

The crystal Rose in the Earth ‘s Emerald Chamber also aid’s US to expand further our point of perception multi dimensionally and anchor and stimulate our ability to incorporate sensory input ( sonic waves) more completely through the reformatting of the frontal lobe. This facilitates the enhanced reception and gifts from our Earth plane existence and our advancement into this new paradigm of Change.

We are also re-structuring our genetic makeup and brain processes. “

Breathing is paramount for the anchoring and integration of this Light and sounds.
A sound transmission will be shared in this wall to accompany these emissions.

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We are living super magnificent intense times.
Lets hold each other with love in our Hearts.

Infinite love,
Yukia Azorah Sandara

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