‘Dark Fleet’ & Antarctica – Michael Salla

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Dr. Michael Salla, a pioneer in the study of exopolitics (government policy concerning extraterrestrial phenomena), joined the show in the second half. Salla related the story of his interest in secret space programs, which have been the subject of several of his books. He first discovered reports of such programs in the early 2000s, he recalled; by 2015, many more people, including military personnel in a number of nations, had come forward with information confirming their existence and scope. Preceding the United States’ own secret programs, Salla went on, were those of the Nazi regime, which were moved from Germany to Antarctica. The most infamous of the German programs was the Dark Fleet, he explained, which was reported to have launched a flyover operation in Washington, D.C. in 1952. In exchange for allowing the Dark Fleet to operate without objection by the United States, Germany provided the knowledge needed to develop the American Apollo space program, Salla revealed. Since then, according to his sources, the Germans have abandoned the Dark Fleet program, turning it over to China and Turkey.

“Central to these accounts, Salla claimed, is the involvement of extraterrestrial beings; the Nazis in Antarctica, for instance, were aided and advised by a reptilian species of ETs. Furthermore, alien alliances—some friendly, some hostile—continue to have considerable influence over political affairs on Earth, he said. The role of aliens in modern history is well-known at the highest levels of many countries’ governments, he noted, including those of the United States. More recently, President Trump wanted to disclose his administration’s work with the galactic federation, but was kept from doing so by American security officials, Salla elaborated.”

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