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Dark Outpost 07-29-2020 Interview With A Reptilian
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UPDATE: Due to the recent rash of big tech censorship during year 2020, the source that originally posted the linked video above has had their video channel removed. Sorry, the fascinating video is no longer available. You may still however view the notes below that were posted with the original video.

This very fascinating interview (from 0:07:00 to 1:15:00 mark) involves Bryce Watson (new YouTube website – Esoteric Atlanta), a possible 4th cousin to the Queen. Born in 1983, this intelligent, articulate 37 year-old, American woman details the initial frightening physical assaults on her athletic young runner’s body beginning in 7th grade.  Doctors had no explanation for the strange ailments happening to her. This would continue until age 33 (year- 2016) when the physical and mental disruptions finally ended. Based on what she uncovered in later years, Bryce concluded the torment had ended upon entering reptilian adulthood.

It wasn’t until the last decade she took DNA tests and investigated her ancestors.  She came to the astounding realization she had strong reptilian blood flowing through her veins. She discovered her great-great-great grandfather went rogue and broke away from the royal families of Europe in the 1800s to get away from all the reptilian madness. This rogue ancestor wanted to live a human life. Before being recaptured and imprisoned until death, this ancestor married outside the reptilian hive. Upon recapture, his wife and daughter escaped to America. When Brice was born, centuries later,  it appears she was a throwback of the strong reptilian DNA of her ancestors. She discussed the medical differences doctors detected in her body compared to regular humans in the interview.

Queen Elizabeth as a lizardSome very interesting insights as she also discussed how she relied on her Christian faith and prayers to keep the royal bloodline family urges and demons from capturing her body and mind as she entered adolescence in the late 1990s.

Anyhow, I thought I would bring it up on your radar screen. It might just give you more insight to the lizard queen.

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