Day of Observation

Salient Features of Draft India’s Space Law Policy
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Message from light-worker Paula, originally posted here.

Today has been a day of observation. Why?
Yesterday eve about 7ish I had some energetic anomaly’s around me

It was raining with no clouds in sight

Out of my portal came a triangle ship , with lighted codes of diamond energies

Third : every bird , the frogs , the dogs , no raccoon , no opossum , no fox , no
Raven was on premises. Completely silent

Fourth :
It began to feel like a vacuum , stomach grumbly , went trance like out on the sofa , to come back , not fully in body.
If I tell you it looked like a big chunk fell off the bottom of earth. A huge amount of static timelines were wiped out. Now we are in the stages of the void , or in between.

Plus a huge wave of sleepers coming into their awakening shift.

That is also going to make the still unawares and the very newly awakened , feeling compromised.

Stabilize you , then stabilize them loves. Stay out of conflict , it’s heading towards you so you can transform it , you don’t have to be thrown into the lions den , you can stand outside the cage and love them how you choose.
Just wanted to update , as I’m updated.

Be well. And thank each one of you for your service lovework.

Until next time…….

Love you.


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