Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) Destroyed on Mars

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(Portions of this report comes from a Quantum Information Source as defined in the Star Nations News℠ About page.)


Quantum Tip-Off

Upon reading recent mainstream news about a volcanic eruption on Mars, a strong suggestive thought sprung to mind.

This thought stated that this eruption event was actually not what was being reported in the article. The next immediate thought was this eruption was actually smoke from the aftermath of a Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) being destroyed on Mars.

Double Confirmation

I immediately contacted a very well-connected friend, who did confirm from their quantum-based sources that this was a DUMB being destroyed, or at least contained.

I contacted a Global Alliance (“White Hat”) source (Gene Decode) working with conventional earth-based military resources (in conjunction with the Galactic Federation), who also confirmed this as a DUMB, also stating:

“…that [Mars] DUMB is tied by portal to Dulce and Sandia Labs [both in New Mexico] which are so heavily fortified on Earth it would be easier to first lockdown the Mars connection and then go from there to Dulce and Sandia Labs.”

Suggested Other Information

For more information regarding these two locations, please do your own research on the following terms:

  • Secret Dulce laboratories
  • Secret Sandia laboratories

As a supplement to your research, I suggest you also listen to the remarkable information provided by John Lear in his various interviews.

There is much research that has been done regarding the decades-long human colonization of Mars. I suggest you research the work done by Mr. Michael Salla and read the Secret Space Program (SSP) books he has written. Also do research on people who claim to have worked on Mars for factions of the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), including this article: Summary of the Various Secret Space Programs (SSP).

Interdimensional Portal Technology

The previously-mentioned “portal” refers to an inter-dimensional time/space portal (a technology well-documented in the form of testimonies from ex-military contractors), in this case which seems to be physically connecting Mars with the Earth at the two locations in New Mexico.

While there is much to suggest that this portal technology is actually quite ancient in origin, there is also powerfully compelling information to be found about this portal technology in secret research conducted in recent years. Do searches on the terms:

  • Montauk project
  • Montauk survivors
  • Montauk chair
  • Time space portal

Please leave comments on your opinions or findings.

– John Helios, Editor
Star Nations News℠

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