Deprogramming Our Perception of the ETs

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As more mass disclosure approaches, I have to remind us that we’ve been taught to perceive ETs as haphazardly arranged or grotesque beings existing in physical form. While indeed some of them appear this way, from experience (both mine and that of many other contactees), they exist many times in energetic form.

And as time goes on, we begin to perceive the separation we were taught to see everywhere is merely an illusion: And as many of these beings exist in energetic form, we have given names to their kind throughout the ages: etherics, fae, angels, etc. Not all arrive in space ships on the front lawn. Many arrive in energetic form and appear softly in dream, suggestions, thoughts, and synchronicity.

These beings – they are an extension of us. Some say they are us in a future or past form. They are a part of our chosen reality, as we are a part of their chosen reality, too: The balanced bond between inner and outer as seen from both sides.

And we are inextricably, intimately, connected with them in uncannily mysterious and beautiful ways within the tapestry of reality.

– John Helios
Editor, Star Nations News℠

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