Disclosure: Former Pentagon UFO Investigator Answers Questions About “Flying Pyramids” & Other UAP Sightings

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Click the original video or article link here >>> Former Pentagon UFO investigator answers tough questions about flying pyramids and other UAP sightings

The intelligence officer who previously directed the Pentagon’s secret investigation of UFOs says the ultimate explanation might be more exotic than we can imagine. “Unfortunately, there’s a lot more we don’t know than we do now,” Lue Elizondo said during a recent media briefing. “The good news is that we’re finally taking it seriously.”

Source: mysterywire.com

Editor Note: The video shows mostly human-made tech derived from info given to the corporate military industrial complex (MIC) by some extraterrestrial folks. For example, the “pyramid” ships are likely TR-3B or similar human tech that has already been flying for decades. This tech originated from Maria Orsic, who got her info from the Andromedans.


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