Earth Ascension & Intergalactic Cooperative Update 2020-07-16

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This report comes from Quantum News Sources (telepathically) as defined in the Star Nations News℠ About page.

During the interim since the above last Major Intergalactic Cooperative Projects report published in May 2020 (with information relayed by Lisa F, a human involved in Earth’s liberation) several other reports have issued. The new reports below from Lisa are preceded by reports from Star Nations News℠ Editor John Helios, including contacts from new ET races that have come to Earth and made themselves known.

Read all about them in the Star Nations News™ Reports & Editorial section. Star Nations News℠ recommends you check up on this link regularly for in-house updates.

Here is the update from Lisa F:

Interplanetary Communication Array

The Interplanetary Communication Array mentioned in the May 2020 report is complete and on-line. It is for this reason that many star seeds and other connected people have begun to receive contact with other beings from elsewhere, or from adjacent realms, or other aspects of themselves that were previously disconnected or unknown.

This array connects 12 Star Nations. More information on the 12 Star Nations will come in later updates.

Gaia as a realm that is part of the Galactic Federation is represented among the other 12 star nation leaders as well as the much larger greater galactic community. Gaia will serve as as a living database (more on this below) to be consulted to help solve problems, create new realities, new worlds – with access for all kinds of beings based in love and light and service to be able to get questions answered. Experience in other realities will be available as well.

As time goes on and as the connection between everyone strengthens, we will learn more about each nation, and people will be connecting with those other folks or resources with whom they need to connect.

Gaia Communication Grid

The Earth Communication Grid is nearly complete and will be online by the 8/8 portal (8/8/2020).

  • The grid is specifically designed to work with and for Earth / Gaia and all her inhabitants in any space around on or inside Gaia, and across any dimension, timeline or tangent she is currently holding up.
  • The grid will UNITE ALL SPECIES and help facilitate inter-species communication among humans, animals, plants, etherics, and literally ANY AND EVERY species of life living on Gaia. This applies to life and perception in every reality, every dimension, and across all time.
  • The above-mentioned communication will also include communication between all Gaia residents and Gaia Herself! IMPORTANT: Where previously earth-surface humans looked upon the Earth as a thing, as an inanimate stone covered with dirt, they will now see her as a living being, to be loved and treated with respect.
  • Nothing will stop the formation of this Gaia / Earth grid.

Shielding from Destruction of Negative Orion Regime

There is recent mention from mainstream sources and clairvoyant insiders such as Yukia Azorah Sandara, that the star known as Betelgeuse in the Orion constellation was partially broken up and is mostly no longer visible. Betelgeuse was not destroyed. And it was not a punishment.

As a consequence of this, some fragments of the breakup were expected to impact Gaia at some point. However, the Galactics wish to make it clear that Gaia and her citizens will be protected and spared of negative destruction. Any fragments that do come close will mostly not be physical, but energetic in nature. Those energetic fragments that do come near (as with any other ethereal object, such as the recent Comet NEOWISE) will bear their own energetic messages that will serve humanity and other Gaia races.

While the mainstream media casts this as a destruction of Betelgeuse as a natural disintegration, consider that most stellar events take place over millennia, not so fast. Yet this was a sudden change with no apparent precursor signal, warning of a buildup of natural change. The Galactics took advantage of this naturally occurring event in that solar system, and sped it up. Therefore it shut down the primary power source for Dark Orion portals and tech.

Orion Planets Used as Prisons

Why? There is a backstory to this.

As we know from at least one previous post (Jimi Hendrix and the Soul Coffin Entrapment which took place on Orion) that for eons, the Negative Orions, along with other factions of the dark forces, had set up parts of Orion as a technological prison. In the case of the previously linked article, Jimi Hendrix (and perhaps hundreds of thousands of other souls) were entrapped in a highly sophisticated coffin-like box that caused their consciousness to be trapped in a highly torturous etheric limbo: Whereby the etheric body, while still barely attached to the consciousness of the soul to whom it belonged, was separated from its soul consciousness, and thus was not able to live in freedom or properly die and thus allow the soul to migrate onward to another place where it could naturally and freely evolve.

Because of these and many other atrocities committed by the Negative Orions, following reasonable attempts at more peaceful negotiation, the Galactic Federation military deemed it necessary to “take them out” – thus the recent sudden destruction of Betelgeuse.

There is an intentional mention above of the “Negative Orions”, and this partially can be explained here in THE ORION CIVILIZATION. Before those known as the “Negative Orions” took over, the other Orion inhabitants (for convenience, we can call them “Positive Orions”) lived more or less peacefully, and were thus unprepared by the onslaught of the darkness regime.

Prison Planets Shut Down

After being conquered, the Negative Orions set up parts of the Orion cluster as prisons to entrap enlightened beings. Artists, free thinkers, creatives, wayfarers, brave hearts and other such unhindered souls (including Jimi Hendrix) were entrapped here. Rather than being allowed to die and move on, the Negative Orions chose instead to capture these free minds and keep them permanently entrapped in limbo, so as not to allow them to wander freely and perhaps return to cause more trouble. The Orion region was one such prison.

Little do many know, until recently Earth / Gaia was also one such prison planet, set up by dark factions (some of them draco reptilian) associated with the Negative Orions. The Orion portal energy is being transmuted into positive from here on out.

As a coordinated effort along with the liberation of Gaia, the activities at Orion and other areas throughout the galaxy are a coordinated liberation effort that is much larger than many people realize.

Earth is no longer a prison planet.

Jupiter Portal Being Opened

The Jupiter Portal has to do with a control program that Earth and its inhabitants have not been exposed to in several hundred thousand years. There is a particular energy to this portal between Earth and Jupiter that only comes into alignment roughly every 5,000 – 10,000 years, depending on the orbits. While the Orion energy mentioned above is getting switched OFF, the Jupiter Portal and all of the differing types of light coming in are specifically switching ON our so-called junk DNA.

Starseeds Coming Online Faster Than Ever

As the headline says, starseeds are coming online and being activated faster than ever before, and their rate of activation will increase even more, especially ramping up beginning in September. This activation will spread across the world like a wave.

US Will Align with Rest of World / World Government

Throughout the recent past distorted history, the US has been touted and cast as a world leader in many ways. Doing so has sidelined other lands and their peoples as second-class material in the world’s attention span. This perception will change. Many unnerving items about America’s dark past will surface, and shatter the illusion of false superiority. There will be a ripple effect in the disclosure of truths throughout the world.

After this initial breaking of truth, then eventually the US will come into alignment as an equal and fair player among the other nations as a co-nation of Gaia. A new World Government will emerge not as separate entities as before. Rather there will be a cooperative comprising a World Governing Council, with Gaia’s people identifying as worldwide Gaia citizens.

People Will Become Aware of Gaia and Identify as Her Citizens

Nations will become known more as regions, and move away from the perception of the politically separated entities they once were. When people become aware of Gaia as a living being, they will not wish for the exclusivity and sense of nationalism of old. Rather they will identify with Gaia, become beholden to her and will even love her as a part of their family.

This will have a profound impact on many things:

  • From a sense of self-serving to service of others and Gaia.
  • Extremities such as working in the capitalism money-making machine will give way to working for something meaningful and good for all within the community.
  • Technology will truly be aligned with good. Not packaged as something that appears good, but back-loaded with dark aspects as before.

Galactics Are Focusing on Bringing in Light in a New Way

Again, the Earth is undergoing changes that have never been seen elsewhere before. This is something that cannot properly be explained with words.

As a way of helping facilitate this, the Galactics are really concentrating on bringing in light energies that Gaia, her humans, and all the other living create-ures have never seen before, nor have been seen before anywhere else.

In its early stages, this light will serve greatly to expose the darkness. Dark activities such as chemtrails and associated technologies were meant to greatly reduce the amount of light activation codes coming to the surface of the Earth and entering the bodies of both Gaia and her inhabitants. This was meant to keep everyone and everything down, controlled, constrained, in drastically lowered states of energy in order to reduce the chance of awakening and activating.

Light is not a singular subject. There are MANY types of light. So we, here are being exposed to as many different TYPES of light as we can possibly manage because this is specifically how the galactics are turning on/flipping all the switches in our so-called junk DNA. This DNA is being unraveled and activated. Unlocking the potential within.

The volume, the variety, the intensity, and the breadth and depth of this light will be absolutely profound. The intent behind all this light in its many forms is eventually to maximize the potential for a new reality of immeasurable variety, intensity, breadth and depth, and so much more. What will arise will be inexplicably beautiful and wondrous.

Light. Powerful beautiful light.

The “Solar Flash”

There has been talk in recent years of an upcoming “solar flash” that will change everything.

THERE IS NO FLASH. NO. FLASH. At this point time has been sped up, because it is getting ready to go offline. Personal epiphanies and DNA getting switched on is going to be the ACTIVATION on a worldwide scale. There is no “event”.

Know this: We are in a very rapid process, and everyone has their own timing about how and how much they open. NO ONE IS IN 3D any longer. It no longer exists for anyone because all 3D timelines have been destroyed.

The Other Suns Nearby Will be Seen by All

Aside from the one Sun, there are also two others nearby. Together with the Sun most people know, they comprise three stars:

  • A yellow dwarf sun – Commonly known among us as “our” sun.
  • A brown dwarf sun – Middle-aged among the three suns.
  • A Red Sun – Largest and oldest of the three suns.

At this moment, these three suns are in rare physical proximity with each other, as a part of a very long cycle of convergence and divergence within space. These will be seen by everyone.

New Access to Ancient Databases Previously Inaccessible Before

As the Eldest of the three suns, the Red Sun will bring energy that will help everyone on Gaia access some of the ancient databases that have also recently come online. This a part of an ages-long process finally coming to fruition.

Some databases are online. Many are inaccessible at this time because Earth has not gone up in vibration enough yet for these to be accessible. All of these databases, in fact all experiences of this time, the dark past, all of the databases will be forever available to all beings in any reality, universe, realm, dimension or form. All of this data will be in the 6th world of Crystal also.

Not everyone will have access to Earth’s data. Only those in the light, firmly, and on the path of love will have access to this data. It is very target specific to whatever kind of consciousness seeks a solution to a problem on their world, or wish to create a different individual or collective reality. In many cases being will have access to this data as a type of consciousness, not as a database they will physically travel to, in order to access what is here.

That is part of the importance of the Earth-based communication relay among all species and kingdoms here. So this living consciousness is cohesive, and as a living body will respond to question, answers, problems, etc.

Experiential Databases”

All beings will be able to select the data they wish to see, and instead of viewing it from the outside, they will be able to step into and actually experience it in a kind of “staging area” of perception. By being able to actually experience a sample of data, people will be able to experience it in a “safe” simulated trial environment (the staging area). Then following this experience, if one so chooses, one will be able to actually download the data as a real experience after which one may proceed in experiencing it as an aspect of “real life”.

This can be likened to being told what it’s like to flying an airplane, versus flying one in a close-to-real-life flight simulator, then followed by actually piloting an aircraft.

This will be like an “experiential database” of a kind not seen before.

Leading-Edge Tech will Quickly be Obsolete

So-called leading-edge tech such as 5G, cell phones, tablets, computers with powerful CPUs (central processing units) will all be obsolete. For some time, there may be transitional technologies such as those described in First ET Conversation (The Alysseum) & Transitional Communication Technology to Come. But those are merely transitional.

Telepathy will come to the fore as the main mode of communication.

People’s Perception Will Change Profoundly

People’s perception, especially about time, will change profoundly.

In the recent several years among the mainstream health and wellness lifestyle circles, the notion of “slow living” has emerged, and this seems to be one of many emerging confirmations that there needs to be a profound change in the lifestyle that people have been reared with. People will be prompted more than ever to slow down, to be in-the-moment.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Quantum Science

What earth-surface humans have been taught about technology has always been tainted by darkness, and almost always has been developed for waging war. Because of this, technology is looked upon with fear and trepidation.

Likewise, “leading edge” technologies such as AI and the quantum sciences (quantum physics, mechanics, etc.) are spoon fed to people slowly to provide an illusion of advancement. Terms like “AI” and “quantum” will be language-based to explain to help people understand very advanced technologies (such as the experiential database mentioned above) that will become available. These two words will be a gateway to understanding everything above the fifth-dimensional (5D) realm that logic cannot explain.

How Will It Turn Out? The Clean Slate

Along with the military activities, many earth-centered light workers and starseeds have also contributed greatly to the liberation efforts. Much effort has been made in transmuting and zero-pointing negative or dark energy and returning it to Source.

Because this has never been done before, even the wisest of Galactics (who have assisted many times in other liberations over the millennia) really don’t know exactly what will be the result. Gaia’s liberation will bring a one-of-a-kind reality and world of wonder never seen before elsewhere. As a result, Gaia and her sister Star Nations are being handed a completely and utterly “clean slate” that has never appeared elsewhere in the history of the known universe.

Are you ready?

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