Earth Grid Transporter Seen at Different Locations Across Gaia

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In order to protect her delicate ascension and the evolution of her many inhabitants, Earth and the Earth grid are under lock and key currently. No one can come in or go out without proper access and intention.

To this effect, the Galactic folks have installed an energetic access Transporter over Gaia. No one may enter or leave (via death, birth, transition, visitation, or whatever) except through the strict and monitored access as administered by the Galactics. That’s how seriously they take our safety, as well as how seriously they take the healing of Gaia under the most perfect circumstances possible, without interference from external influence.

The only beings being transported off Earth now are those whose work here has finished, and specifically those whose intentions have been not good on the planetdeep state and cabal players.

The photos accompanying this report show the Earth Grid Transporter on various positions on the planet. The reason it moves to different places continuously is partly due to energy flow, but also for practical security reasons: It’s not wise to stay in one location for too long, lest one become a potential target.

The Earth Grid Transporter as seen from New Brunswick, Canada.
Close up of the Earth Grid Transporter as seen from New Brunswick, Canada.
Transporter as seen from Pennsylvania.
Transporter as seen from New Mexico.

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