Earth Update from Aluna Kay – Psychic Channeller & Healer

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A lot of humanity do mission work during their dream state. They are infact in their energetic or astral soul self form .

Some are aware.. they have memories of these battles, ceremonies and missions.. they wake with full memory

Others wake with faded memories but know without a doubt they have been darting around the cosmos or astral plane doing this work.

Some know nothing of what they do, believing their very very vivid dream was infact a dream .

For those people who beleive we are all waiting for someone to come and save us … we are saving ourselves.

Many beings within the galactic federation and other collectives have sent aspects or shards of themselves( their soul, consciouness and spirit ) here to incarnate as humans .

Many beings I speak with during my work have come here .. incarnated to aid humanity with our liberation.
Roughly 95% of all those I meet are here to help.

We are saving ourselves …

We have a huge force of trillions here helping behind the scenes…
( outside and on this planet )

Humanity will learn of this war , they will learn of what these beings have done .. They will learn how they themselves helped.

We are our own saviours.

Aluna kay
29th of may 2020

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