Farsight Human News Forecast: August 2020

Farsight Human News Forecast: August 2020
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Farsight Press endeavors to perform remote viewing prediction on future events for August 2020. After some intro talk, they begin with the forecast at 14:39.

Six remote viewers report on August 2020 events across the globe. Pointed discussion on this month’s events begins at 14:39. Topics covered:

* Arrest / disclosure of a high-profile pedophile
* Continuation of global protests
* Sick people overflowing hospitals – tent facilities
* Convoys of military personnel
* Presidential address accompanied by military officials
* Military convoys
* Satellite communication disruption
* Navy vessel activities
* Urban sprawl
* Two “police” assisting a person in a low state of energy
* Tall buildings with smoke coming out of them
* Multiple missile launch
* “Energy band” visible in the sky
* “Galactic Surperwave” to be preceded by “Carrington Event


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