Freestyle Chat with Jacy Kay

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Click the original article link here >>> Super Woo Radio Episode 044 “Freestyle Jammin’ with a Soul Sistar”


  • Who Is Jacy?
  • What really happens with predictions and what we see in the public domain.
  • How wounds and distortions can get in the way – and why alchemising them is so important.
  • Jacy’s core message
  • What Jacy feel’s is the collective theme of 2020
  • Where the ‘flat earth’ theory is coming from
  • The 3 layers of imposition
  • Scientism vs organic original science
  • What the human Genome is revealing
  • The ‘Idiocracy’ and what they’re condemning
  • Jacy’s stance on Alien’s
  • The real agenda behind ‘Star family coming to save us’
  • Why discernment is so important in ‘channeling
  • The Age that we are completing
  • What’s going on with the ‘Love + Lighters’
  • How our humanity is being diminished
  • What the matrix is designed to do
  • Adopting spiritual personas that are being sold by the New (c)Age religion
  • The energy of worship and what it’s creating – from God’s to Celebrities
  • The programs that are being imposed on humanity
  • The pressure of ideological perfectionism
    +. What a ‘spiritual person’ must look like
  • Jacy’s background and experiences
  • How the New (c)Age rituals are EXACTLY the same as the secret societies many are opposing
  • The truth about the Chakra system and how and why we need to transcend them.


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