Gene Decode For Recent Takedown News 1/29/2021 – Scott McKay

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Click the original video or article link here >>> 1.29.21 PSF Scott McKay & Gene DeCode Discuss Deep Underground Military Bases… With Cirsen W

Gene Decode Explains What’s Been Going On Recently. With Cirsten W and Scott McKay.

Source: Patriot Streetfighter 3

Video Notes:

  • Discussion re global DUMBs (deep underground military bases) that the cabal uses for human trafficking and other crimes. Note: Make certain to search this website for the term “DUMB” to see many articles and much more information on this topic.
  • Cirsten: Some DUMBs are thousands of years old. Funds to build recent DUMBs derived from Building 9 in ground zero area.
  • Gene explains how new DUMBs are made. Mostly made with a gravity-fed boring mechanism packed with a neutron bomb.
  • As early as the 1940s, trains capable of going thousands of miles per hour operated underground in tunnels linking the DUMBs.
  • Human trafficking camps formed underground. Thousands of children rescued from China Lake DUMB facility. Methods of adrenochrome “harvesting” from undocumented children raised underground. Includes isolation of children in electrified cages, where they are electrocuted and then have adrenochrome “harvested” from them.
  • Chromochrome harvesting from the pineal gland. This chemical is approximately 100,000 times more powerful than adrenochrome. Takes 1-2 years to harvest.
  • Before and after photos of Clinton when using adrenochrome, showing its youth-causing effects, and aging effects when not used consistently. The red circle denotes the tell-tale “white rabbit” chemical structure of adrenochrome, thus its nickname. (And yes, its reference in the Matrix movie.)
  • Reference to tech products blatantly named “adreno” and “chrome”.
  • Gene describes Morgellans disease as an AI-driven technology, shows a video.
  • A tech university’s use of a satanic Moloch owl symbol in its logo.
  • Recent earthquakes taking place usually at exactly at 3, 5, and 10km underground. Usually these are maglev trains that have junctures with DUMBs as stop-off points.
  • “Earthquakes” that show up on the USGS website as taking place above ground, these are stealth cabal craft being destroyed as they attempt to escape off-planet.
  • DUMB in Chuachina in Spain currently being taken out.
  • Croatia had 40 “earthquakes” approximately 2 weeks ago – DUMBs being destroyed. Many times tactical nukes are used to destroy the DUMBs.
  • DUMB quakes in Turkey, Armenia, Syria, Iran.
  • For adrenochrome victims who’ve been bred underground for multiple generations, these children cannot adapt to life on the surface for various reasons.
  • For people seeking “proof” or evidence of child victims, Cirsten cites that it’s against the law to show or identify these victims, for privacy and safety concerns.
  • Mention of Project Resolution, a cabal-operated project that used bred-humans and AI to augment bodies into super soldiers that would be used to help with the cabal plan to depopulate the world.
  • $34.7 quintillion in gold confiscated from Vatican.
  • Tent in front of White House is housing a construction project, possibly a prison for arrested cabal gov’t people.
  • Lloyd Austin, Biden nominee to lead the Pentagon, is considering “defunding, maybe disbanding” US Army.
  • Document showing dissolution of US Inc. as a bankrupt corporation.
  • Trump is currently in charge of US (not USA Inc.) according to the original Constitution.
  • Possible upcoming new election for President of the Constitutional USA to take 120 days using a system set up by the Army Corp of Engineers.
  • Germans experimenting with anti-gravity tech as early as the 1830s.
  • Mention of med beds.
  • Mention of two-slit experiment.
  • Toward the end of the video, Gene discusses many abstract and misc concepts.

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