Gene Decode: Optics! – 1/19/2021

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Gene Decode Explains What’s Been Going On Recently.

Source: Up Front In The Prophetic Radio & TV

Video Notes:

  • China still has 75,000 troops in Canada, 225,000 troops in Mexico.
  • What Hats blew a dam upstream from the 3 Gorges Dam, thus weakening the 3 G dam, to warn China.
  • China has P4 and adrenochrome labs below the 3 G dam.
  • China has been buying corn and grains especially in the last 3 months by import in order to feed its nation. It will not be able to withstand a food shortage brought on by the 3G dam breaking, if that happens.
  • Trump will later be 19th President of the REPUBLIC of America, not US INC.
  • Gold confiscated from Vatican amounts to $34.7 quintillion.
  • US REPUBLIC is currently under DefCon 2, implying continuity of the Nation.
  • 20,000 National Guardsmen sworn in as US Marshalls.
  • 25 million people enslaved on Earth recently, including in DUMBs.
  • Internet and other communication temporarily shut down in isolated areas to enable removal dark AI from computer systems.
  • New social platform

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  • Please send me Frazzledrip video copy and proof of the DUMBS – I live in South Africa and we are a few friends fighting against Children abuse, human trafficking etc

    Regards Johan

    • To my knowledge this site doesn’t link to that video, and wherever it’s published, it’s quickly taken down. Feel free to search for terms such as “human trafficking” “adrenochrome” and other crimes related to the victimization of people and children.

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