Hold Steady, Stars…

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“Hold Steady Stars. Keep the balance within and use your force to live with compassionate action. People are losing their shit because this is the second wave of starseeds who are coming online with us the forerunners of planet earth in her greatest hour when we the indigos heard the cry for help from source to go save and protect over all the Kristos Angelic Avatars / Humans on Gaia…no matter the cost. We came in 3 powerful waves of light beginning in the 1940’s then 1960’s then in the mid 70 until 1979.

“We were the oldest, wisest and most experienced souls known throughout the entire omniverse. We knew this was a one way mission and that we would succeed with the human planetary ascension project. How beautiful is it to be a human being and to be able to choose any kind of life experience while having the power to know you can change the world around you by simply changing the insde you who is God / Source. Once that connection is made it can never be severed or shut off. It only will expand and reach others and bring us all together with the oneness by simply being, compassionate and trusting ourselves so that we may trust one another. Compassionate living destroys any fear of separation. Kill em with kindness will always ring true to the core. Money won’t save or unite us. Governments won’t save or unite us. Extraterrestrials won’t save or unite us. Our Compassion and unconditional will be what saves us because we consciously CHOSE with our own free will and choice to unite as a powerful force of light that beat out the dark once and for all for all sentient beings on this living library we reside on also known as the Akashic Records. All knowledge of this universe is stored and kept on earth. Earth is the heart chakra of our universe and is where all life starts as the cradle of life. This is why earth has always been the most sought out after to occupy and also most protected by the entire Galactic Federation if need be. At all cost. We are divine creators and all bipedal humanoids in our universe once started as a human being in a 3D body with a 3D consciousness to learn and grow into whatever they chose. As we grow in our awareness we grow as conscious creators to evolve and develop as a species. Think of our galactic family as us in the future who are hear to watch our next move to come together and figure it all out by ourselves yet are always there for assistance or guidance when you make the connection.

“We are all doing our best while figuring out how to deal with ourselves and others simultaneously. We can choose to respect each others different views and beliefs while coming from a place of love and tolerance. Waking up is the most personal journey ever taken. Every human experience is different so therefore we are all right in our beliefs, views and decisions without judgment, guilt or shame. You are just having experiences with 7.8 billion souls as they are all having different yet similar experiences called quantum entanglement or quantum Superpositioning.

“This Superpositioning will connect us all and we will start to communicate telepathically with one another as well as animals, insects and the earth itself. Life is only truly beginning for humanity and some of us old souls see it unfolding as the newbies are fighting over FB post and disagreeing over ideas and concepts. Or you have this new “Patriots indoctrination program” sweeping the newbies who are caught up in the street theater politics with Democrats and Republicans or Qanons and Sheeple. All these are designed to cause dischord and animosity from within.

“Be easy on those not awakened yet and those who are awakening now. It wasnt to long ago that a great deal of you only woke up 3 or 4 years ago so remember where you were at then and how you viewed the world around you. Being angry and telling your soul brothers and sisters that they are stupid or sheeple isnt the answer. Being kind, having compassion and not holding yourself above others will take us a long way with each other.

“Just do your best…never stop learning…always express gratitude and always help out another when you can. We all need one another so start showing love in all the beautiful ways we know how. Lets put our hearts together and get this UNSTOPPABLE LOVE REVOLUTION in motion and create the biggest wave of change ever felt in human existence. We are the change…we are the light…we are one.”

– The Captain

Source: Sean Christopher on FB

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