Human-Reptilian Meeting

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I sometimes vision things that are currently happening or perhaps may have happened previously. Last night was no different.

In this vision which lasted for a but second, I saw a human male standing at a doorway, and on the other side of the doorway was a reptilian male. They were facing each other directly from a distance of perhaps only one or two feet.

The feeling I got was one of neutrality. Pure neutrality. Neither one was thinking malicious thoughts nor had malicious intentions nor was either taking into account the horrific past interactions that many humans can remember with the reptilians.

This particular reptilian was not that tall, perhaps only seven or eight feet in height, and I I’m kind of led to believe that this one was one of the more recent hybrids that I have heard about. They are smaller in stature and they actually have the ability to feel emotions and compassion to some extent. From what I had heard, they were bred to be able to interact with humans on a more emotional and compassionate level, and thus be able to have some form of cooperation with the human race. So, I’m not sure if this is what applies in this scene that I saw.

But, it was clear from this seeing that this was not a negative interaction at all. It was mostly just neutral. I take this as a sign of progress, something good.


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