Ileana & Janine Discuss Recent Events with Michael Jaco

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Click the original video or article link here >>> What Happened in Florida? Negative SSP & Corporations being stopped with help from Galactic’s.

Former super soldier and Navy Seal Michael Jaco holds a discussion with former super soldier and psychic Ileana (video not shown in this discussion) and Janine (sp?), who reads from her tarot cards.

Source: Unleashing Intuition

Video Discussion Notes

Notes of salient points in the discussion provided to you for free, courtesy of Star Nations News℠:

  • Ileana: Med beds are technology that the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) on Mars lays claim to.
  • Ileana: From the ICC’s point of view, med bed tech is not supposed to be released for another 100 years. If people try to get it released earlier, there will be resistance.
  • Military has already been using med beds/
  • Ileana does not agree with Simon Parkes’ positive reporting on the med beds.
  • Ileana has been wrongly associated with the creation and deployment of med beds.
  • Janine: Much ongoing infighting with differing opinions on when med beds will become reality on earth. There was an original plan to have med beds released within 2 years. An early version could be released maybe as soon as Spring 2022. Star Nations News (SNN) Editor Note: See Med Bed News: ZAP Surgical to Bring World-Class Brain Tumor Treatments to Rural German Hospital
  • Michael: Florida building collapse was likely caused by a directed energy weapon (DEW).
  • Janine: McAfee is under protective custody. He has many benevolent off-world connections with whom he was developing some high-tech.
  • Ileana: McAfee was developing a holographic AI and human
  • Ileana asks Janine whether the Space force has the TR-10 spacecraft, the most updated version of the TR-3 anti-grav spacecraft. Many efforts are being made to keep this tech from being used
  • Ileana: Space Force has been amalgamated with the formerly dark team of the Earth Defense Force (EDF) to help protect the solar system using the TR-10. This frees up the Solar Warden space fleet to go beyond the confines of the solar system to address earth interests from further away. The ICC developed the TR-10.
    SNN Editor Note: This makes the TR-10 sound like a longer-range spacecraft as compared the smaller TR-3 Astra, TR-4 Dart, and TR-6 Telos craft.
  • Michael: US Navy was tracking spacecraft that travel underwater.
  • Janine: Good military personnel are piloting the new TR craft. This military is independent of government or military as most people know it. This “military faction” belongs to a positive faction associated with the Earth Alliance or White Hats.
  • Ileana: Many pilots lost their lives in the development of this new space technology.
  • Janine: Lockheed-Martin’s UFO tech will be fought over between the cabal and the white hats. The white hats will prevail.
  • Janine and Ileana: The Galactic Federation (GF) has actively stepped in the help overthrow the cabal from Mars. Not so much on Earth. At any moment the GF might step in on planet Earth.
  • Ileana: According to Ilena’s conversations with Elena Danaan, Elena’s galactic friend Thor Han confirms the galactics are helping actively to “clean up” Mars. Indigenous Mars natives and some of the Mars Corporation bases that turned good have asked the GF to help get rid of the Dark Fleet. The GF agreed and have commenced to help.
  • Janine: Within 3 years, people will know about the Dark Fleet and the Secret Space Program (SSP). But certain aspects of it will not be revealed.
    SNN Editor Comment: These certain aspects will likely include unpalatable activities such as the Dark Fleet’s involvement in the intergalactic human flesh trade. Former SSP conscriptees (such as super soldier Tony Rodrigues) have spoken of having witnessed captive young human males and females being traded or sold off to alien species outside the solar system.
  • Janine: Most likely a whistle-blower or other unplanned source will disclose the ICC’s activities on mars.


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