Incredible 5D Energies Impact Earth – Pleiadian Light Forces Transmission 05/26/2020

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Great Ones,

The Earth Alliance has confirmed that at approximately 10 pm Monday night, Light Forces fired two powerful, 40-Hertz, 5D Gamma LIGHT Beam towards planet Earth from two different locations in Earth’s Solar System, early this morning.
Right in the middle of the second Gamma Blast, the Schumann Resonance went dark for a period of 2.5 hours and a strong Frequency SHIFT was imprinted on the Schumann Resonance Graph late yesterday.

Many StarSeeds around the Globe were well Aware of this powerful Energy SHIFT as it happened.

It was communicated that during the Energy Blackout last night, the frames of Time and Events on Earth were literally RESET Again, further Aligning planet Earth and its BEings with the NEW-Earth, VTXC Crystalline, Diamond LIGHT Grid.
These Dimensional SHIFTS are BEing Intelligently Orchestrated by Benevolent Star BEings working to assist planet Earth in its Next Stage of Evolution.

What is a Time-Line SHIFT and why does it show up in the Energy around planet Earth?

A Time-Line SHIFT is a literal, temporary state where the Universe reverts back to a Quantum Zero Time and Zero Matter State.

The dark matter point detected in the Energy of the Cosmos (the black line on the Schumann Graph) shows this “SWITCHED OFF” State.

HUman level Consciousness usually has NO Awareness or recollection of these Time-Line SHIFTS, however Very-Aware BEings notice that something SHIFTED and Changed, and that Reality was RESET.

If you look very, very close at your Reality after one of these Resets, Material things NOW exist that Never existed before or a thing that you remember existing NOW, Never happened.

It can be a bit perplexing to wrap your mind around this, but it is a very Real Phenomena that billions of people notice.
This Time-Line SHIFT was “The Drawing of a Cosmic Line in the Heavens” between LIGHT and dark and a point of NO Return was Marked in the Fabric of Time by Benevolent LIGHT Forces.

These Blackout areas in the Space-Time Field are a literal Switching Off of the Universe and Back On again. These brief Time-Line SHIFTS are quick, Dimensional ON and OFF’s for the purpose of slowly stabilizing the NEW 5D Energy around the planet.

The Mandela Effect attempts to illustrate these radical Time-Line Anomalies.

These RESETS are Positive and are Required to SHIFT from one Dimension up to a Faster-Vibrating One.
As we said in the previous transmissions, the NEW 5D, Gamma Time-Line is 100% Locked into place for the future of this planet and the Outcome is KNOWN.

In Data Transmitted to the Earth Alliance last night, LIGHT Forces have said, this latest Earth Time-Line RESET is part of “OPERATION MASTERPIECE” and will serve several Positive Functions over the Next 3 Earth months for the Citizens of Humanity:

To help bring NEW 5D Earth Systems online after the traumatic 3D System Failure of the past 3 Earth months.

To NOW Allow the NEW Energy of FREEDOM and TRUTH to BEcome the Dominant Energy among Earth Civilization.

To Clear remaining primary anomaly and negative Etheric and Astral entities from the surface allowing more LIGHT Here. This will cause the BEings of Earth to BEgin tending to exhibit a more Positive Behaviour.

To Usher in the Final Energy required for the Grand EVENT Culmination 2020 which All Intel says will occur near the end of this Earth Year.

From the Reports we are receiving, the StarSeeds of Earth all feel as though they are about to leap out of their bodies this evening. This feeling is due to the recent, rapid increase in Frequency around the Planet.

Higher Realms are crashing into 3D with Great Force and the Energetic Pressure of this Dimensional Clash is tremendous, as you can feel it All in your body and your Auric Field.

Powerful, Cosmic LIGHT Rays from the Central Sun, located at the Galactic Core, are coming into Earth on a steady basis NOW as Beams of CENTRAL SUN Akashic LIGHT Data like the two that impacted last night, HIT the Earth at speed well over 1 Million mph.

These 40-Hertz LIGHT rays carry packets of Nano-Sized Magnetic, Ionized Particles that Strip right through the Human body Genome, clearing out all low-vibrational energies instantly and Re-Code DNA to a HIGHER Order.

As the LIGHT comes in, the NEW 5D, Crystalline-Cell LIGHT Body is formed and developed and this causes some Major disruption to say the least in the Auric Field, the Physical Body, the Mind, and the Emotions.

A Frequency Change of this Magnitude is so Abrupt it can jar your System quite a bit.

This HIGH-Frequency Photon LIGHT had an intense impact on the StarSeeds of planet Earth and right NOW Strong Ascension Symptoms are BEing reported by All around the Globe.

The Highest Pleiadian teaching is this: “Only Vibrate HIGH” “This is how you Ascend to the Top of the Universe.”
Remember a thing only exists when you focus on it too much.

This also means the things you aren’t focusing on Cease to BE.

This is Quantum Physics 101
What do you wish to Manifest?

The Pleiadians say everything Changes on a Collective Level in November!

Are you ready?

KNOW that All is Well and as It Should BE as a Great Evolutionary Changes continues to occur this Grand Year on planet Earth.

Standby Great Ones, as we move into the Next Phase of the EVENT 2020 and the appearance of the Long Awaited, GOLDEN AGE.

Thank you for coming to Earth and for your Great Service to All of Humanity.

Let us Know what Ascension Symptoms and Major Life Changes you may Be experiencing.

Channeled by Michael Love 💜


SNN Editor’s Note: This is channeled information and thus qualifies as news coming from a “quantum source” as described in SNN’s About page.


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