Insurrection Act Signed 1/9/2021. Flynn Expected to Replace Pence. Expect Emergency Broadcast Alerts. DO NOT TRUST MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

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The following come from two sources who do have some overlap and corroboration.

  • Simon Parkes’ report: 10th January Update Current News
    • Original plan was for President Trump to address people with updates by Mike Pompeo doing updates.
    • Plan didn’t go forward due to other events.
    • American defense contractor General Electric (GE) was to be sold secretly in Pakistan for $5.4 billion. GE is maker of the F-16 fighter jet’s engine and other technology.
    • GE’s sale was found to be in-progress after Nancy Pelosi’s laptop was apprehended during the recent Capital Building raid.
    • 40% of Pakistan suffered power outage while the sale was being stopped.
    • Italy gov’t may go down after Italian Leonardi satellite system was involved in 2020 Presidential election fraudulent results outcome.
    • Italian judge has signed a warrant for the arrest of Italian Prime Minister.
    • Pope likely has been taken out already. Recent sightings of Pope are likely CGI generated or holographic.
    • Power outage in Berlin, possibly due to Germany’s hosting of Dominion computer servers involving in voting results fraud.
    • Curfew in Quebec.
    • US troops deployed in California.
    • Insurrection Act signed evening of 1/9/2021.
    • Power outages expected in the UK. May affect water pumps in parts of UK.
    • Lt. General Flynn may be put forward as the new Vice President.

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