Joseph Wyatt: ‘Deep State’ of Foolishness (Opinion)

Joseph Wyatt: 'Deep state' of foolishness (Opinion)
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Columnist George Will, a tower of conservatism, evidently has succumbed to the lure of the “deep state,” as evidenced by one of his recent columns in which he termed the president the “Cry-Baby-in Chief,” a “malignant buffoon,” “mentally crippled” and a “vulgarian who is unhinged.” Which only demonstrates the awesome power of the phantom operatives who yearn to undermine President Donald Trump. Mr. Will, a paragon of anti-liberalism, went on to say that members of Congress who continue to support Mr. Trump are “invertebrates” who “must be routed … for their Vichyite [Nazi-friendly] collaboration” with the president. Sadly, the […]

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