Keloran ET Drone Spotted in Third Phase of Moon Video

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This report comes from a Quantum News Source as defined in the Star Nations News℠ About page.

Keloran Drone Seen in Video

A Keloran / Sirienx (known collectively as “Keloran”) robot ET drone was recently spotted in Third Phase of Moon video (go to about 9min 15sec). While they also appear in a more-or-less human form as seen in other videos linked on this site, this one is in drone form. They are a sentient conscious robotic race who can take any programmable physical form, as needed for whatever the circumstances dictate.

More About The Kelorans

The Keloran ETs first disclosed themselves to us via Star Nations News℠ as reported in Introducing the Serienx & Keloran ET’s. Please read up on them through that link.

To see all articles on Star Nations News℠ about these ET folks, click here on Keloran.

– John Helios, Star Nations News℠ Editor

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