Keloran & Serienx ET’s Offering Ancient Trauma Healing / Reprogramming

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(This report comes from a Quantum News Source as defined in the Star Nations News℠ About page.)

In recent days there is a HUGE push for healing of ancient trauma within the collective, and Pars Kutay’s post seems to confirm this.

This message comes from our beloved lightwarrior sister Lisa F, who has contributed significantly to the ongoing great news about Gaia’s ascension lately. The ET race she refers to below was introduced recently in the report Introducing the Serienx & Keloran ET’s.

(Note: For simplification’s sake, the two races agree to be referred to here on out simply as “the Kelorans”.)

Anyway, Lisa F offers up this news as an update for anyone dealing with ancient trauma such as heavy grief, suffering, sadness, and other misery.

The Syrinx and Kelorans can reprogram negatively-oriented programs….redo them so they then become positively based programs for beneficial growth of all!

So once we request to have said program/trigger removed, they can rewire it, and we can then request it to be reinstalled, so we can work the energy in a new Light and Love way! I saw this as they showed me with books….all these people had their life ‘book’ separated from their life text.

All one needs to do is request the two be put back together and reinstalled after the debugging.

– John Helios, Editor, Star Nations News℠

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