Kosol Ouch Dark Fleet’s Commander Z – James Rink

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In this video Kosol Ouch will share his experiences in Dark Fleet aboard the Excalibur 034-X1 Deep Space vessel as Commander Z 366-6. Here he networked in the Psionic Recon Combat Team to remote view intel to influence battle outcomes. Eventually his ship was captured at the battle of Adronis Prime and all ship personnel were taken to the Draco maximum security prison, Hammerhead, near a neutron star and then sent back in time. He will also channel Unimatrix-One an artificial intelligence from the future to provide us information about NESARA, Trump, and some crypto currency predictions.

Source: Super Soldier Talk

Video Notes:

This is a psychic super soldier who worked for the Dark Fleet, so I would say his agenda is suspect.

Re med beds and more:

  • The med beds are being mass produced already, but various controlling factions cannot agree on whether to distribute it, when, how, etc.
  • Whoever gets med-bed treatments will be associated with cryptocurrency – yes, I am unclear about what he means by this also.
  • One controlling faction (like in Bill Gates’ side) wants med beds to be available only to people who can pay for it. Musk wants it available to everyone.
  • Musk is controlled / associated with the “Kelomin” faction, who also supposedly controls Trump.
  • ON the current timeline, Elon Musk will disclose the med bed technology
  • Musk will create his own crypto-currency
  • Musk says humanity is already connected to the internet wirelessly. But Musk is trying to find an equitable way for humanity to partner with AI but not have humanity be dominated by AI.
  • Those countries not yet agreeing to go with NESARA are not doing so because they don’t have the computer hardware to support it. But Musk will provide the hardware infrastructure to support it everywhere via the Starlink satellite network. .

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