Earth Ascension & Intergalactic Cooperative Update 2020-03-10

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A Star Nation Cooperative

There are several major intergalactic coop projects taking place with Earth / Gaia currently.

According to Lisa F, a human involved in Earth’s liberation, at the core of some of the cooperative projects involve 12 Star Nations (mentioned in 12 Star Nations: Twelve Original Ancestors – Only Two of Which Are Human):

Some of these civilizations are very small. Many you will never have heard of. We are talking literally hundreds of other civilizations that are contributing the cause of Earth liberation! Many civilizations are contributing their expertise that are not formally part of the 12 star nations.”

“In some cases the participating Star Nations are very isolationist. When they understood what was at stake, contributing their particular gifts became a driving force among many to contribute to this great cause. They are contributing because of their deep belief in the work, and also for the liberation of Earth…..which is actually a database holding ALL the databases!” (more on these databases below)

Earth Liberation

According to Lisa F:

“Galactic Command wants to also make certain that it is understood that the liberation of this planet’s inhabitants is the first priority. There is absolutely NO takeover that is going to happen of this planet. They have a long range plan is all. There are many, many things that need to happen first before any form of exploration here begins to actually take place. Stability and safely for all planetary inhabitants is the absolute priority.”

As there is plenty of information readily available on the internet regarding the Earth Liberation operation, we will skip further discussion on this broad topic.

Earth Database

According to Lisa F:

“Everyone wants access to the data that is stored here. What data, the kind of data, who created the databases…..the scientists are preparing a huge project for the great understanding that is to come forth for all. Earth is a database of databases……the databases/storage of those who create universes. The information is sought and has not been available in any form since before the great block was put on earth at the one billion year mark.

“They truly have no idea what it is that they are going to find. One of the reason why those on earth are so important is because we are the ones who can harmonically tune in to said databases. All of this will be revealed as we get deeper into it, and liberation is fully manifest.”

Communication Array

According to Lisa F:

The main project, the array, is already up and running… communication array across all elements for all types of species….air, on the surface and in the water, as well as species based in inner earth. This project will be ongoing. Alcyone in the Pleiades, the Arcturian Homeworld, Sirius and the Andromedan galaxy are now connected to Earth. Eight more (the more difficult ones) planets and star systems have yet to be connected. The earth based relay for earth will be up and running limitedly by the end of this year…So it will not be years until it is online. The team in charge of that project will be hands on until more resources are able to become energetically available as earth’s frequency….and we…continue to rise.”

UPDATE 7-26-2020: More info on the Star Nations mentioned in 12 Star Nations: Twelve Original Ancestors – Only Two of Which Are Human


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