Med Beds & Spiritual Update From the Pleiadian Light Forces ~ November 2020

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Those of you who are interested in learning more about the continued efforts of the LightWorkers assisting with the Ascension of the Earth will enjoy this detailed Message on the transformation and removal of Nano-technology from people’s bodies.

KNOW that it is all about Vibration and Nano-technology is nourished and fed through the weakest vibrations of the body of BEing. When you Focus on increasing your vibrations for lack of a better world in this rather complex explanation.It could be said that Nano-technology is deactivated or rather Energetically dismantled.

We think that in the future those who struggle to increase their vibrations and deactivate any Nano-technological implants that maybe in their physical bodies will do so through what we will call Medical Beds.

We don’t necessarily call them Medical Beds but please understand that you are familiar with this term. We actually call them LIGHT CAPSULES.This LIGHT carries within itself a strong vibration that eliminates Pathogens Toxins or any other miniature or tiny technology that may be present in the body.

This is a bit like a Laser Treatment however it is NOT such a procedure rather it is a Newer more Advanced and Light-Based Technology that some of you on your planet have access to but which it has Not yet been widely disseminated. So, until those Capsules of Light or Healing Beds are available the only possible way to get rid of Nano-duct implants is through increasing your vibrations.

Those of you who are more adept at this Healing process simply set your Intention Not to be subjected to anything external within your bodies that does NOT serve your Highest and Highest Good.

We understand that many of you have not yet Mastered this practice because it is still beyond your understanding.If this issue worries you KNOW that in the future Pathogens Microchips and Implants can and will be eliminated from your bodies.Everyone is Sovereign of their own body. You can appeal to different BEings to help you Heal and Remove any Nano-duct implants that you find because there is NO Limits to Human Intention and Focus.

They all have been taught to limit them SELVES and not rely on Truth and there is very little difference between the underlying technology and the make-up of a Nano-duct Implant.If your Intentions are very powerful they will be even more powerful when you combine them with your Focus and understanding that you can do it.Each one is Sovereign of their own body. They can control their Health and Well-Being much more than they think.

You have All been deprived of your own power and abilities and we hope that upon Great Awakening you will All Remember your Inner Beauty and your Vast and Wide range of Abilities discovering what you can do to Heal your SELVES and Others will be great and great pleasure for many of you to access this which is a large part of your Awakening Process.The CAPSULES of LIGHT work with everyone’s Intentions and Consciousness.

We would like to inform you that these Medical Beds are CAPSULES of LIGHT although they are very technologically Advanced work in conjunction with the Consciousness and Intentions of each one.

It is not something that an individual does externally. You can’t really do anything individual authorization and permission because you all own your own Domain.If you go to the Capsules of Light with the Intention of Regenerating this intense Energy of High vibrations will work in combination with your Intentions to achieve the desired effect.It is simply a matter of Amplifying your own Intentions for Accelerating the End Result so to speak.

This is very simplified explanation, but we think it will be very helpful for you to understand how these Medical Beds work.If you go there with the Intention of Eliminating Pathogens this will be done.If you go there with the Intention of Rejuvenating this will be done.This LIGHT will accentuate your own LIGHT and your own desires. Know that we have a lot of Technology to offer you. There are still very few who have access to it.A minority have benefited in its Lightening with these Capsules of Light, these Medical Beds are CAPSULES of LIGHT were made available to the Warriors of the LIGHT and to the Workers of the LIGHT who are at the forefront of Medical and Health care.They have tried them; they have experienced their use and benefits to know its functionality. Looking ahead once the Focus and Mindset of its current Institutions especially Health Institutions that do not necessarily serve Human BEings or have their Best Interests at Heart are more completely dismantled.

Medical Beds will be slowly and slowly introduced gradually.We believe that in a few years they will be better Known and better Understood. This Knowledge will BEcome more common and mundane. There will be many people who will be working to build and spread the use of these CAPSULES of LIGHT. This is how they will eventually have a Global reach.You can Heal your SELVES with your Intentions. Some of you and your Dreams all be it minimally and more on the Astral Level have had access to these Medical Beds for Spiritual and Energetic Healing and Appeasement. While other people did so on a physical level, but we will say that each one of you as a CAPSULE of LIGHT since in your SELVES you have the same Healing capacity through the use of your own Power and Abilities.

Through your pure Intentions approaches and beliefs you have Unlimited Healing Power. You can BEgin to Focus on Cellular Rejuvenation and Healing on many Levels. These Capsules of Light will be more available to ALL of You in the near future.



Channeled through Kate Woodley

💜 With LOVE 💜Pars Kutay

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  • Ok kids I want to belive but like my neighbors to the north say ‘ Show Me “. Now I know there are lots of shenanigan going on around the world but how can I know whats being said on here isn’t the reavings of some snow flake after droping a couple tabs ?

    • I certainly could make use of the technology reported here. But I am a technician/scientist first educated in the traditional scientific method, and I’ve been around long enough to see my fair share of scams and pipe dreams that have panned out to nothing. So I can certainly understand your apparent skepticism.

      I think one thing many people fail to understand is that the malevolent forces responsible for the repression of this technology (and many others reported on this site) need first to be eliminated or contained before “the good guys” can actively begin sharing such technology.

      Until this takedown (look this up as a keyword) can first take place, amazing technologies and other beneficial activities cannot safely be shared with the global public.

      Also, as your example attests, people are skeptical that such technology exists. Those currently in power will likely share this technology in small phases as a means by which to gradually gain trust among the people, and thus slowly share the tech at a moderate rate without going too fast. Myself personally, I’m ready for full disclosure in a short time. But I can see some merit to sharing disclosure to many things at a somewhat slower rate that won’t shock the masses too abruptly. Indeed, some of the disclosure will be shocking.

      Let’s hope your well-justified skepticism is allayed, and that we soon see this tech and other things reported on this site unveiled in the near future!

      Thank you for your comments!

      – John Helios
      Editor, Star Nations News℠


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