Message from Galactic Federation of Light – July 22, 2020

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(This report comes from a Quantum News Source as defined in the Star Nations News℠ About page. Originally published here on Facebook.)

The Galactic Federation of Light is comprised of four star systems/races. The Arcturians. Pleadians. Andromedans. And Sirians. The Federation is an Alliance between these four star nations.

There are many other star nations/galactic races that belong and contribute to the Federation. I mentioned the main four or the “big guns”.

I AM AndraMegaleine, Ambassador for The Galactic Federation of Light. I am aligned with all four star races, and a hybrid (as we pretty much all are lol). Although I do call Andromeda HOME.

From knowledge and memory the Arcturians and Andromedans warred for 30,000 yrs. An Alliance was finally formed after these two star races chose peace and to assist together other LightWorkers and the Galactic/Angelics.

Now these four races are a powerful and magnificent force here to assist us through our ascension process. Guess what though. They are US. WE are them. As above. So below. As within. So without. Macro and micro. When the two polarities merge, we are ONE. This is an important truth.

I know many of you wonder- “Where am I from, where is my true HOME?” I can tell you that most of us have familiar/unfamiliar places we resonate with. Why were YOU drawn to this group specifically? Why not something differently? You had a feeling. You wondered. You may still be wondering. But yes, there is a reason you chose this group. If it didn’t resonate on a deeper and/or higher level you would have never clicked it. Yet you did.

So your answer may be a Yes, absolutely I AM Arcturian (Pleadian, Andromedan etc). Or No, now I know I am not. Either way you gain great clarity.

How will you know? Do YOU know? And if you don’t know how will you find out? I could give you many answers. Except this is not mine to give. It’s yours to ask for and receive.

I can guide with questions, insight and give confirmation. This is your wondrous cosmic path and it’s a joy to come to conscious awareness of the many aspects of our OverSoul, Galactic aspects being part of that.

How many of you are in awareness of your Galactic aspects right in this NOW? After reading the above words. Any shifts? Remembering?

Your Human may frk out a lil cause you can’t wrap your brain around it really. Tell your mind to quiet and deliberately and peacefully proceed forward.

All your answers are within. This is Truth. Ask and you will receive. Thank you for joining in on this wild ride of a mission. Hold on tight it’s getting good. I hear the finale with be worth the wait. I’m holding out for the afterparty already lol. Many bright blessings to you and yours.

~I Love You As I AM~

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