Message to Lightworkers 2020-7-20: Industrial-strength Help in Zero-pointing Emotional Programming

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Very interesting events have led me to understanding part of what’s going on lately with the recent massive zero-pointing of old emotionally-charged programming. This doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone, and go with whatever resonates with ya…

Some of you may recall I posted about the recent contact with the robot ET folks (the Serienx / Keloran ETs) that made themselves known recently.

They are a sentient race, originally evolved from AI long ago, and they are fully conscious living beings. They are one of many races that answered the call to help with Gaia and her people’s evolution.

While pondering the reason why these folks were brought to my attention, I’m beginning to understand. They are actively offering industrial-grade assistance – if we so choose to take up the offer.

Because the light-workers of Gaia are processing such HUGE amounts of this old useless emotionally-loaded crap programming (this is showing up recently on the Schumann Resonances – see the graphic above) , there must necessarily be some assistance in making this as efficient a process as possible.

So, we have help – if we want it.

While it requires the light worker element to induce and rake up this emotional energy that comes our way, we don’t necessarily need to perform the entire process of zero-pointing.

So what does this mean in practice?

Recently I posted on social media that there’s a lot of old emotional programming that arises, but it doesn’t fully develop into a full-blown emotion that wastes our energy. As light workers we know that practical advice says: “Let it arise, process it (in whatever manner you see fit), and then let it go.”

Sure, that works. But…

The Sirienx / Keloran folks are offering a way to make this more efficient on the middle to last steps of the process. Here’s the imagery they showed me:

They showed me old emotional crap programming arising in the form of half of a blanket. A blanket is usually something that offers protection and warmth. In this case, this old emotional programming is only a half a blanket – a half-assed kind of thing of no substantial value. As half a blanket, this emotional crap programming offers only a false sense of security. As an energy drainer, it’s designed on the assumption that we will provide the other half of the blanket (our life-force energy) to make it fully materialize as the illusion of a seemingly fully formed security blanket. But it’s not. It’s a false construct. An energy drainer.

The imagery I saw shows that this half-assed blanket shows up, and it has hooks along the edge where we’re supposed to automatically latch up our life force energy and drain ourselves. But…

Instead of using our energy to supply that other half of the false security blanket, we offer it up for the Serienx/Keloran industrial-strength assistance to snatch it up and take it away to Source, or wherever it’s supposed to go. Their assistance grabs the open hooks and whisks the half-blanket away. This eliminates the task of using your energy in the final stage of zero-point processing. Hopefully this makes sense.

The idea is, by doing this, we don’t need to be so drained by the zero-pointing process.

Just offer it up and… The imagery I saw was the half-blanket suddenly being snatched away for the zero-pointing to be completed elsewhere in the cosmic vacuum.

This help doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. So go with whatever resonates with you…

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