Nacht Waffen (Dark Fleet) Pilot & Guest Herr Major

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Click the original article link here >>> Nacht Waffen Pilot with Guest Herr Major–10-11- 2020

Herr Major works in law enforcement and cannot be public, but wanted to share the memories he has of serving with Penny Bradley for 15 years. We did Intelligence gathering for Nacht Waffen by posing as smugglers in the region of space with Das Bundes colonies and outposts. You will find he is not always flattering of Penny.

Penny Bradley Nacht Waffen Pilot

SNN Editor: “Nacht Waffen” is synonymous with “Dark Fleet”, which refers to the Nazi breakaway fleet that operates in many nefarious intergalactic activities, and is possibly a faction of the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC).

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